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Welcome to our Website.



We hope to provide you with a thorough understanding of who we are and what we can do for you. 


Our business has one and only one purpose – helping you travel.  Anyplace you want or need to go. 


We can make your travel easier, safer, and more affordable.  We want your vacation to be the high point of your year.


So let us explain why every one of the following slogans are not just slogans but true representations of our business.



The ONLY full service agency in our area


Not just agents, CONSULTANTS – YOUR consultants


Small Town Friendly, World Wide Capable




As seen on TV


Why use a Travel Agent




Who We Are


We are the only “Full Service Agency” in our area.  We’ve been on the same corner in downtown Mason since 1989.  We have had the same Manager for over 12 years. We are incorporated as a “C” corporation.  We have contracts with wholesalers and contacts with consolidators.  We subscribe to trade magazines and go to trade shows.  We stay up to date.


Our Owners have traveled extensively and are always eager to share their experiences.  Larry went to Ecuador to research our exclusive tour and he recently went to Iceland just to check it out for you.  So he is able to say:


“Curious about Iceland?  We’ve been there!  Rio?  Been there.  Bali, Tahiti?  Yup, been there, too!!  Plus Amsterdam, Bermuda, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Jakarta – even Manila and Monaco.  Also The Riviera Maya, Punta Cana and many of the Caribbean Islands.   And, of course, Ecuador.”





What We Do


We do Cruise / Tour Packages anywhere in the world!  

We are Honeymoon Specialists and we do Destination Weddings.  We even have an “Exotic Travel” Specialist.  You’ll have to ask him what that means. 

Want to Cruise on the Queen Mary II? or the Rivers of Europe?

A Helicopter ride in Hawaii? Or a Bicycle in Beijing?

The train to Toronto? or the Orient Express?

Need a car in Cannes? or a camel in Cairo?

A flight to Pocatello? or from Paris to Petersburg?

How about a year long 20 flight pass to go around the world?

Or maybe Breakfast with Mickey Mouse and Friends for the kids?


We can find you Eco-Tours, Wine Tasting Tours, Cooking Schools, Whale Watching.  We can arrange for you to Ski, Dive, Ride, Hike or Bike.


Many of our clients favor Apple Vacation Packages so we have become a “Preferred” Apple Vacation Agency.  Apple works hard to continue to be the leader in Vacation Packages with dozens of “All Inclusive” packages to the Caribbean and Mexico.  They offer destination weddings.  Apple also has packages to Hawaii and Europe as well as a diverse range of ski packages.  They even have their own airline – one of the best we have flown.  So come in and look over their brochures and their complete list of choices.  We can help you choose the one that suits you best.  We have visited some of these resorts and we have other client's feed-back. Plus we often offer specials and discounts.





Exclusive at R&R Travel


Currently we are offering a unique trip to Ecuador.  Because we have unparalleled connections in Ecuador, we are able to offer you our very own, very safe, very easy, very affordable, and very interesting tour – The Andes to the Amazon River Basin in One Trip!  Each tour is customized for the clients.  You should plan on at least nine days.  The cost is comparable to a cruise.  Some of our clients have taken this opportunity to add on a Galapagos Island Cruise.  For lots more information go to:

Andes to the Amazon in 1 Trip





Straight Talk


We often have clients come in who have already booked a cruise and need a flight.  It should have been packaged.  It usually costs less, but if it doesn’t, we’ll tell you.  That’s what we do.  Give you good advice and keep you out of trouble.   You should come to us for the same reason we used a web designer for this site: We could do it but he does it a lot better!


Let’s talk about the net.  We like clients who use the internet for planning their travel.  You usually know what you want and that helps us.  But before you book and send your money off to somebody you don’t know, check with us.  We have the resources and the experience to help you have a better trip.

We can offer you good advice.

We can offer you more choices. 

We can help you stay out of trouble.

        We will advise you about trip insurance.

        We’ll tell you about extra and hidden costs.  

And – We’ll be there if you need us!

Cruises and Package Tours probably won’t cost you any more and you definitely will get more value for your money.





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